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Don't even blink.


Chris Pratt being adorable at the Guardians of the galaxy World Premiere.

If you were able to share screen-time with anyone [from The Avengers], who would it be?


Watching Movies


Watching Movies

We’re just like Kevin Bacon

A summary of Guardians of the Galaxy

Everyone in the galaxy: Ronan no
Ronan: Ronan yes
I will not be tempted by your pelvic sorcery!
Gamora, Guardians of the Galaxy film (via extraordinaryaardvark)
They got my dick message!
Peter Quill (Chris Pratt), Guardians of the Galaxy (via giraffology)

"Or we could just get it first and improvise!"


awesome mix vol. 1   from guardians of the galaxy [listen]

what a bunch of a-holes.


sisters. enemies. a s s a s s i n s.


We are Groot! - Guardians of the Galaxy

Take my hand.

I may be an a-hole, but I’m not 100% a dick
The most inspiring thing I have ever heard (via drunkenkeith)

Mutant 101 - Professor Xavier Should Put In A Call To Her Parents - 5 Year Old Mia Stares Down marvelentertainment's Cast Of Guardians Of The Galaxy As She Crushes Them In A Game Of GotG Trivia On jimmykimmellive [X